Chicken Dijon with Noodles

Chicken Dijon with Noodles

Chicken Dijon with Noodles
Campbell’s Favorite Recipes, pg. 86

No changes made to this recipe! I served this dish with a side of steamed broccoli.

The broccoli is a story all in itself. Up until today, I have never cooked broccoli that didn’t come in a bag. I stared at the broccoli in the produce section deciding on whether to confront a new obstacle, or fall back to the good ole frozen “easy to steam” broccoli. After a few moments, I decided to try something new. I looked at all of my choices, of course not knowing how in the world to choose “good” broccoli. In the end, I decided to go with the green veggie motto, “green is good, all other colors are bad.” First obstacle completed: buy the broccoli. Second obstacle: How in the world do I cut this so it looks like all the cute broccoli heads on the veggie platters? A call to my mother confirmed I was on the right path to tackle this large crown of broccoli. In the end, the broccoli was steamed and served!

I thought the broccoli turned out okay. Sam said it was either
A. He’s fibbing (this is a Good Husband Get Out Of Jail Free card…only when it comes to food)
B. He threw it away when I wasn’t looking OR
C. It was actually pretty good

2 thoughts on “Chicken Dijon with Noodles

  1. Rachel Kelly says:

    Yummy! I myself am a fan of broccoli from a bag and have never made it from the produce section, so GO YOU! I’ll have to try this recipe!

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