Homemade Pepperoni Calzone

Homemade Pepperoni Calzone

Homemade Calzone

Another Pinterest find! This one was fun to make as a couple. We made a pepperoni calzone, but you can add anything you want.

Changes made to the recipe:

1. Melt some butter in a small dish and add some pizza seasoning. I would wait about 5 minutes after putting the calzone in the oven to add the butter.

2. I used Hunt’s Dinner Starters Seasoned Tomato Sauce for Pizza and Pillsbury Pizza Crust Classic. Just follow the timing instructions for the pizza crust. We did not pre-bake our pizza dough, as it says to do, and it turned out perfect!

Western Wagon Wheel, Without the Wheels

Western Wagon Wheel, Without the Wheels

Western Wagon Wheel
Best-loved Casseroles, pg. 230

Working tonight on 3rd, so our meal of the day is lunch! This pasta dish goes great with corn bread/muffins! Check back tomorrow because the husband will be in the kitchen making pepperoni calzones.

Change made to the recipe:

1. Taking away from the name of the meal, I used bow-tie pasta because our grocery store didn’t have wagon wheel.

Revolutionary Mac & Cheese

Revolutionary Mac & Cheese

Revolutionary Mac & Cheese

Ladies and gentleman, tonight’s dinner was found on…..PINTEREST–aka woman’s best friend. If you are following my blog, I made mac & cheese a week-ish ago. Also, if you’re thinking, “That’s too often to have mac &cheese,” please stop reading and unfollow this blog now. Mac & cheese lovers, please continue.

Changes made to the recipe:

1. I added black pepper, paprika, and sea salt for flavor.

BBQ Pork Chops

BBQ Pork Chops
Celebrating Home Meals, Moments, & Memories Entrees, pg. 70

“I hope you are full, because I plan to finish the rest of the food.”

-My husband

Needless to say, our leftover dinner plan for tomorrow night….FAILED.  Upside, another dish I can add to the “hubby likes” list!  Added some green beans, mashed potatoes, and my Grandaddy’s Sweet Tea to drink.  If you like to mix your foods, the sauce from the pork chops goes well with mashed potatoes!!

No changes made to the recipe.