Strawberry Brownie Kabobs

You are on the spot.  Someone asks you, “What are you going to bring to the party?”  You run through the list of things that are easy to grab–plates, vegetable tray, fruit tray, drinks, and utensils, but they are already taken.  Crap (or whatever PG-13/R word that happens to slip off your tongue)! *light bulb* PINTEREST!

Strawberry Brownie Kabobs

Strawberry Brownie Kabobs

I thought these were a cute idea for a wedding shower at work.  I used the picture on their website as a guide, rather than the recipe.  The picture shown above are the strawberries I took to work.


1.  Strawberries

2.  Skewers (I found the perfect size at Publix.  You can also half the large ones.)

3.  Pre-made brownies (found in bakery section of Kroger)

4.  Chocolate icing for cupcakes (found on bakery isle in most stores.)

5.  Marshmallows


Cut the tops off strawberries.  Skewer first strawberry, brownie, marshmallow, and last strawberry.  Decorate with chocolate icing.  Continue until you have the desired amount of skewers.

Recipe Website:


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