Caramel Grapes

A going away party for a fabulous co-worker at work!  Since this shower was around the same time as the last, I decided to change my appetizer.  Again, I browsed through Pinterest searching for quick appetizers and found a new item!  I found a recipe for Caramel Grapes.  I prepped by purchasing my ingredients before my stretch of work days.  I was able to easily make this after a twelve hour shift at work just before bed.

Caramel Grapes

Caramel Grapes

The original recipe calls for nut toppings, but I could not find them at my local grocery store.  I went to the ice cream section and looked through toppings.  This treat may be a little too sweet for some, so I would suggest nut toppings for the “Less Sweeter The Better” individual.


1.  Seedless green grapes

2.  Old Fashioned Caramel Dip

3.  Praline Crunch Ice Cream Topping

4.  Toothpicks (decorative or regular)


Grapes must be room temperature.  Warm caramel dip in microwave for 10 seconds, stir, and warm for another 10 seconds.  Skewer grape through toothpick.  Dip half of grape into caramel.  Dip grape into bowl of praline crunch.  Sit on wax paper until you are ready to package them up.

Recipe Website:


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