Oreo Crunch Parfait

Hello all,

Let’s cut to the chase. Reasons for long blog absence:

  1. Got lazy (fast food and Kraft Mac & Cheese for the win..)
  2. Was pregnant and had a short list of things that didn’t make me nauseous (if you ask some, they will tell you I “asked” for this symptom. Short story– I was about 8 weeks pregnant and wanted to “feel more pregnant.” And then it happened the next day…I felt pregnant–aka nauseous–the entire pregnancy)
  3. Had the baby (he will be called Little B on here) 

Fast forward to today. Happy Labor Day! I decided to make the dessert for our Labor Day get-together.




Cool Whip


  1. Layer Strawberries
  2. Layer Cool Whip (layering Cool Whip in a glass is not graceful. Props to those who can make a picture worthy shot of layered Cool Whip)
  3. Layer Oreos (I would guesstimate how many you need for this recipe, but I wasn’t able to determine how many I ate as I prepared the parfait…)
  4. Repeat
  5. Refrigerate (I made it during dinner prep, refrigerated during dinner time, and then devoured afterwards)

Recipe:  SnackWorks Oreo Crunch Parfait

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